Never had a blog before

I believe this is my first blog. I have made many attempts over the years to publish my writing and drawing online but none of the attempts took root. With the high and seemingly universal praise for WordPress this might be the time I succeed.

The allied flyer indicated by the arrow almost totally obscures my father in the fall of 1944

How many people who’s parents were fighting in WW2 have photos of them being captured by the enemy. The photo above is of my dad minutes after the crew’s capture at Kiel in northern Germany in the fall of 1944. Their B17 had ditched in the Kiel canal near a German base. A quisling Dutch newspaper photographer happened to be there and documented the scene. After confiscating all their cigarettes the Germans started the fresh POWs on their journey to Luft Stalag 17 (yes, of Hogan’s Heros fame). When they walked out of that prison six months later roles were switched and their former guards were happy to become prisoners of the American Army. The only other option was capture by the Russians…not a healthy thing even for Russian soldiers and flyers.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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