Stuck inside but dealing with it

The author a few years ago in Cuenca Ecuador

I am an old guy on social security. I live in a shack in the woods of Maine. Being sort of a rural rustic (never a city person) I don’t miss crowds. In fact This past month of total isolation hasn’t seemed that far from normal. The several times a week travel to WalMart or the grocery were more for getting out than a real need to shop. Now someone else does my shopping. To add another twist (its never one thing at a time) I am in the middle of a weight loss program. I am both victim and admin on the diet. It’s working too. I am down fifty of the hundred pound target. September 2020 is the date for accomplishing that goal. The isolation might be helping it, not sure. Learning to make bread might seem contrary to the above but like many its something I’ve differed til now.

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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