The quick sketch

when the idea hits a quick sketch is often more apt than a slick one

The point in a cartoon or a cartoonish illustration is to be light but convey the central idea. That’s the reason for long conversations with the client, discovering what would make them happy. Sort of like the therapist patient relationship. Often…they don’t know what they want…but when you dig, and you must, you can surprise them…in a good way. Its a challenge but fun and part of learning for an artist.

illustrations for a book on collaboration

One sunny afternoon, typical of the perfect weather in Vilcabamba, I was up on the edge of the Valley of Longevity looking toward the town and Mandango, sketching. A woman also there liked the drawings and offered me a job. She was putting together a book for undergrads. She ended up using the roughs. You do enough roughs and you don’t need roughs. Like pressing the first take for a musician in the day.

This is the final version of the cover illustration

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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