Flying away from all this

If I could I’d fly away from all this in a Zenith CH-750 Light Sport Aircraft
The voice is mine

My doctor wants me to go to the hospital. Tests on my heart. I haven’t been anywhere for nearly two months. The hospital!, That’s the last place I want to go. But the local hospital hasn’t been hit bad with CV patients. So I guess I’ll go. I’ve been assured they’ve made it safe. My doctor is trying to keep me alive. That’s a tough job with so many bad actors wanting to do me in. The CV and its mutations and the ticks with their cargo of Lyme, my heart with too many miles on its odometer. No doubt there are other potentially fatal conditions lurking below the radar. Its a wonder I’ve survived as long as I have! Still, I’d like to put off my swan song a bit more. No need to put it on my bucket list…its always been the last item and the only one guaranteed. The top item is an airplane. Learning to fly one and then buying one. Might have to settle for a good flight sim. That and the motorcycle. A couple of ways of running out the clock. Advancing in that inexorable slog, following time’s arrow, toward entropy’s last whimper. Croaking, to put it simply.

What a nice aircraft it is. And at $50,000 for the kit and fixin’s not too expensive. No I don’t have $50,000. What I have is a dream, a fantasy I guess. For a long time I didn’t even consider the possibility of getting a pilot’s license. I don’t have 20/20 vision, far from it. My eyes are good enough for driving, for that license, but not for the medical exam a private pilot needs. But, for about 15 years there has been a class of license that accepts one’s state driver’s license as sufficient. I only learned about this class last year. Makes sense, if you are to be trusted on the road, you should be able to fly…with restrictions. The class of permit is for what’s called “light sport aircraft”. The Zenith CH-750 is an example of this class. It is light, under 1600 pounds, but quite capable. With optional extra fuel tanks it can fly 900 miles at 120 miles per hour. Under the restrictions for the class only daylight VFR (visual flight rules) operation is allowed. Altitude is 10,000 feet maximium, the cabin is not pressurized. In truth much more is involved in flying than in driving. The up and down part. That extra dimension, the virtical, multiplies the danger of collision and miss judgement. Ultimatly the FAA must figure that the operator of an LSA is mostly a danger to themselves. At my age and under our new reality I think the flight simulator is my best bet. Maybe in the next life I can fly for real. Maybe in the after life I can take wing with the angels….if I’m not stoking a furnace down below.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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