Oh, do I have to!

Learning to play guitar and sketching are handy ways to pass the CV induced down time
If having nothing to say was a reason to say nothing….the web would be much thinner

Yes, you have to. Even if I don’t feel like it? Yes, even then. That’s my dialog with the interface here. It must know I don’t have anything to say. It watches my keystrokes and measures the milliseconds between. It has complex algorithms to fathom my mood and productivity. The basis of the Matrix dystopian world was that people were being used as batteries (of the electrical kind). I’m old, as batteries go, I need a recharge. The daily output expected is what? 600 words? too much! I’ve started the website for something to do. In ancient times, before I had a ravenously hungry web site to feed, I used to draw. Not on spec but just as exercise. The way a guitarist would riff, a useful therapy. I would sketch. Drawing from imagination or photos in the newspaper. I still do that but now more to feed the site. These computers and the web networking them suck energy out of hundreds of millions. That’s the analogy with the Matrix movie. Electric power is useful but my blog isn’t producing any. What exactly is the value of all the riffing on themes great and small?

International Morse code and a few sunspots enable diversion as well

Outside nature is roaring green. The past two weeks have seen an explosion of verdant color out my windows. The bugs have arrived too. An ant Realtor was seen recently touting the positives of his clients moving into my house. The effrontery! really! Don’t they know the bees and mice and others have prior claim. Got to find some of that powder you sprinkle around the floor to discourage them. Ants speak a chemical language. A bit of twenty mule team Borox says, get the Vahk out and STAY out. I will ask my shopping person to get some. Its nice to have the leaves again but as with everything there is a down side. Not a big one but one I’ll need to deal with. The ends of the long wire antenna come close to the trees. Its 135 feet end to end. Where wet leaves and branches touch the wire I’ll have to trim. Otherwise the signal I cast toward Mongolia will be attenuated. No not a huge tragedy in a world of pandemics and institutional racism. But its something to attend to on my little patch of Earth.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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