Graduation 2020

Being myself a high school dropout I don’t have total empathy with these young people and their rained on party. These poor youths will have to plunge into the cold water of the job market without memories of that night of debauchery and drunkenness. Well, most will forgo those memories. Their graduation ceremony done “drive in theater” format. College?, is there much possibility of finding sex in an online college? Then why bother? After college another virtual graduation ceremony, an online interview and then hired to work from home via the internet. Talk about class divide, people who must be there to work, and those who can work their way to retirement in a bathrobe. Makes me think of HG Wells novel, The Time Machine. The brutish lower class worked factories below the ground while the pretty people frolicked on the surface in beautiful gardens. There was a rub so I’ll halt the analogy right there. No, I don’t think things will go that far. But the book was set in a year a thousand from now. A lot can happen in ten generations. The truth is (message to you graduates) times of great change are also times of great opportunity. That’s a fact. Never easy to look in the cup and read the tea leaves, but your future is there. What sort of career should I pursue?, I hear the eager cap and gown inquire, Well, You could do worse than Epidemiology. Virology is also an exciting area. You could go to Mars with Musk, or with a scent more ethereal but Earthy. Yes, you could do both. That’s because where ever we go, they go. I mean the little virus packages. They will not leave us until some smart person (I’m addressing you graduate) shows them the door! The best of luck to you, freshly minted adult!, and please adjust your ppe mask, its on sideways.

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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