Into June already

I don’t know what it means, I don’t keep a dog, but I think about tiny houses

I’m kicking around the idea of building a tiny house. There is a movement here in the USA to down size. Its a reaction to a couple of things. One is the ridiculous escalation in home prices and property taxes over the decades. What is ridiculous vs just the market in action, is the restrictions towns put on what you can build. One big reason is fear of a reduced tax base. Smaller houses allow in people with less money. With less space and less money they will spend less to stock the small house. Its about that simple when you boil it down. Poorer people serve the richer people, in various ways. They work in service or selling or distribution industries. Just how to house those who serve the moneyed class hasn’t been worked out. The other reason the tiny home is growing in popularity is that so many are sick of the hoarding consumerist mindset. The same cultural and economic forces selecting for people with money want you to buy stuff. The greatest threat to the USA it seems is that people will stop buying stuff. Twin towers attacked, economy swoons, President says….go and buy stuff. Virus attacked, economy halted, please buy stuff, here is some money to use…. I still haven’t spent my extra government money. You see, in our culture, here in the USA, money in your pocket makes you itch to spend it on something, anything. It is almost equated with good citizenship. It is a capitalist society so of course spending is a sacrament. And for a great many people, it all gets spent before the bills have been paid. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel? NO. Robots!, a scary word. Robots can work for the rich and not need any housing, even tiny . If I can generate the ambition and energy I will build my own tiny house at the bottom of the garden. I’ve wacked the weeds away from the site but they’re growing back, it is well into June. I’m so glad that the music stopped with me here in the countryside. But seeing what the world is going thru has me, and many others, thinking about being off grid. Being independent of the larger world. As independent as possible. My urge to go that way was highlighted in April. One of the wet snow storms we traditionally get in the late winter took out the power. I was one of 35,000 without electric power. For me it meant no heat either. My LP heater doesn’t need much power but it needs some so it stayed cold for a week. Couldn’t go anywhere, the virus had us locked down. It was an eye opener. As I sat in my car, heater going, listening to the governor give her daily virus briefing, I resolved to not go thru that again.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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