The writing on the wall

Art and protest

I said elsewhere on this site that it seemed like 1967 again. That was over half a century ago. Then as now the pressure cooker of racism at the sharp point of society (police) has boiled over. George Floyd was murdered, quite simply. He became the latest of tens of thousands of black citizens murdered by police in the USA and other countries. Excessive force and excessive racism are the cause. Society sets limits on police. It is not up to a police department to decide who gets excessive force. It is up to society. Society looks the other way, usually. Thus allowing these murders. This time the world looked at Minneapolis. That’s where George was killed. The news today is that the city is “defunding” its police force. Not sure what that means. Does the Minneapolis Police Department exist apart from the city government? Does it not take orders from the city? A police department is not a bad thing. It is needed. It shouldn’t murder citizens but citizens are also murdered by other citizens. That should be where the city and its police get involved. Part of the problem is the macho approach many take to law enforcement. Overwhelming force at the onset of any confrontation, especially with minority citizens. The military’s “Shock and Awe” as applied on the home front. “Show whos boss” from the get go. Its been the fashion for decades to model the police on the military. This to the point of giving police around the country military equipment. They’ve been given the military’s mindset as well….”its them and us”. This analogy includes no go zones and provocation. Non violent policing is considered sissy and weak. Trumpf, always reading a few pages behind in the book of now, said the other day that police and the military in Washington DC should “own the battle space”. I am proud of the military past and present who reacted to this and sounded an alarm. “American cities are NOT a battle space, the people are NOT an enemy” The idiot in chief and his enablers were surprised at this. In the past tough talk generated support. This time the idiot ordered excessive force to enable a pathetic photo op with the Christian Bible. Has he read it? Is it to him anything more than a symbol, an icon? Does he see meaning in that book? Does he see value or humanity in any human being. The book he held high has as its central character the Prince of Peace. What a contrast he makes when he becomes the king of hate and division. The protests remind me of 1967. Things haven’t really improved much since then. But there might grow out of this some incremental improvement. But I’m pessimistic. Its not the police, they’re just the point of the spear. They are creating the stigmata but are not the force behind the thrust. That force is society. That’s where the faults lay. The attitudes in the people. The real question is “How can we defund hate”.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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