Will the tourists come?

The harbor of the town of Camden, Maine, USA

Whats the difference between a busy harbor and a “tight” harbor? The old timer remembers a harbor busy with lobster and fishing boats. With small freighters carrying all manner of commerce. This beautiful and picturesque harbor is at the center of the town of Camden in the state of Maine. In recent decades, instead of busy, the harbor has been tight with the mega yachts and lesser craft (those under $5 million) of the rich. Its packed but not with commerce. The well healed visitors ladle plenty of money into the regional economy. The boats might need work. The galleys need provisioning. Has this all been upended by the Corona virus? Will the rich and not so rich be visiting this year?Some will, no doubt. But everyone who depends on this trade is holding their breath, waiting to see. Hotels and motels and restaurants are still shut. The folks with mega yachts don’t need a hotel but in years past they dined well and left big tips. The day trippers and weekenders from “away” have been the major source of the annual summer flood of income. Many college students came up to Maine in the summer to work their butts off. They could earn quite a nest egg toward tuition in just three months. Will a slow down keep them away. News suggests the pandemic is growing severe in much of the world. Famine induced by lock-down gives a hobson’s choice to people and governments. Die from a virus or from starvation. Here in the better off USA we stumble toward herd immunity the hard way, the ancient and traditional way, by crowding together. Anyone left standing (we fervently hope) is immune. I will not be entering that lottery. My appointment with the grim reaper is way off…I hope.

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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