Juneteenth+1 in Tulsa

What could go wrong?

The idiot in chief says he made Juneteenth famous. He did put a spot light on it. We’ve seen enough of his clown act to know there are several angles on what he does. He claims ignorance of the significance of the 19th of June for black citizens. Declaring his ignorance, which I guess we are expected to translate to “innocence”, is one of his defense strategies. Considering the level of racism in his base setting the 19th in Tulsa was not a coincidence. Having tossed a bone to his supporters he delayed his rally a day. In normal times this would have been plenty. But, these are not normal times….or maybe they are. Peace, love and brotherhood are abnormal. So into the mix goes the virus. Its not a political beast, the virus. Its just “bad news in a protein package”. It doesn’t vote. But when something challenges Donald the clown, it becomes political to him, and his highly suggestible followers. Masks will be available in the venue but not required. Social distance? not mandated, not expected. Why would a true believer hurl an insult at the great one by wearing a mask. Even a maga mask (do they exist?). Refraining from breathing in another’s exhalation borders on treason. The Catholics have transubstantiation and the Trumpistas have their bit of magic too. Hindus in India believe the River Ganges, an open sewer, is pure and even medicinal. Ah, the power of faith. Blind faith, unquestioned belief, that’s what Donald hopes will give him a second term. It might. Voting for the lesser evil objectively would put Biden in office. But like the three monkeys, Trumpistas hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil…regarding Trump anyway. When he looses it will because enough of them just stayed home. They’ll need an excuse, Trumpistas can’t change their minds about Donald. Its unthinkable, its an admission of error. Don sets a fine example of never taking responsibility and never never admitting error. The supply of others to blame is too great to ever need admitting error in one’s self. Even the virus, by way of the Democrats, can shoulder blame.

Someone who visited this site told me they thought it was a bit, political….WTF does that mean. Its in bad taste to comment I guess. Having an opinion. Expressing it. Putting forward a thought. This trend in society has greased the path for the clown’s first term. What will they tell their great grand children about this time? “I was good and didn’t say anything bad about anyone, I didn’t criticize, I talked about something else” How polite.

Or, if the pendulum of socially acceptable behavior shifts in that direction in 30 years we might hear. “Oh, I was on the ramparts, I manned the barricades, I was a medic in a flying squad” They in fact did none of that but if it becomes the fashion to have done it, the are IN. Just a little revision of history. Enough already.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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