July’s leading edge

I don’t really have a graphics tablet, just an old school paper clip board and scanner

Haven’t posted anything here for a week plus. My mood shifts in normal times. I might feel like putting together content one day and not the next. I have other activities so its not like I am fetal lining in a spider hole. That’s too much like being inturd, a shitty feeling… but do we have much choice?. I wrote my daughter that this was just the beginning. She is in Florida where the government gave Trump’s magical thinking a trial. They opened up and surprise surprise, the virus spread. Less testing Trump says, would lower the number. He goes to the heart of the problem with that. Number too high, re-election in jeopardy, reduce testing, problem solved. If this were a baseball game the USA would be in the first half of the first inning. They go nine innings (for you in another country). Will I ever get over my astonishment at how NUMB so many of fellow citizens are? Never never never submitting to reality! The spread of a novel virus in a herd of humans is like gravity, part of the natural world. Falling from a thousand feet up is easy….in the first few seconds. In that time you can convince yourself falling is over rated as a danger. Newton called in to testify about the effects of gravity and how it works gets booed off the stage. False physics. Things will be fine….the falling will slow and end….its all a plot to make the president look bad. Then it will be Newton’s fault, he created the universal law of gravitation, blame him. We are still falling. Well, blame the Italians! that’s where the leaning tower is. That’s where they dropped unequal masses and observed them reaching the ground at the same time. Later it was done on the moon with a feather and something denser. They hit the dust together. Meanwhile we are still falling, accelerating in fact. No parachute. Don’t believe in them. Anyway Obama’s fault, he took all the parachutes when he left the WH. The ground is still a long ways down. Plenty of time to place the blame and twaddle as our acceleration grows. Thud…..we landed. Now the survey says if a vacine were available people here would not be inoculated in sufficient numbers to confer herd immunity. The antivax people would campaign against it. Too damn many people in the world, thats the root of the problem…solution under way.

WHO gnu there would be another flu? I thought it would be a meteor or comet or super nova nearby

There is a time when its appropriate to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater. The admonition against doing so assumes there really isn’t a fire. There is a fire. TOO DAMN many humans on the planet! I will do my part in reducing the population by entering the big sleep in the not too distant future…not just now, if it can be avoided, but in a couple of years. But seriously folks, epidemics are nature’s way of saying…there are too damn many of you creatures. It has worked in managing things for a billion years plus. I imagine these viral particles are very ancient. Good luck to everyone.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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