Equilibrium Fractured

Interesting times eh?

May you live in interesting times” well, we got our wish. My instinct somehow is to think its one crisis at a time. It isn’t of course. The crises don’t have a coordinating committee assigning different pains in the ass at different times to different creatures. No, they pile on. Can’t blame the virus for social instability, we know it was there. The equilibrium which included institutional racism is fractured. But it is the majority society that has failed to insist on a less military style of police. But its all one system. Society and the police are not isolated. The society has ask, is asking, for the police they have. The alternative will be armed citizens committees, vigilantes, gangs to put it bluntly. Society wants and will get something for their fear. Defund the police? How are you going to rebuild a force from the raw material of a violent society? Change the society? Might take a while. So its fix this police mind set or deal with thousands of vigilante groups. Fixing what we got is a better way to go. Is society going to suddenly get warm and fuzzy because the cops are nicer? No, they’re a violent bunch… and that’s the law abiding citizen. There is a huge criminal class, its business as usual for them. Corrupt as the cops can be its nothing to policing by gangs and the bribes they’d get. Don’t re invent the wheel. More numbness I’m sorry to say. The goal of social justice is noble and overdue. But care is needed in tactics. Think ahead a little. Now, back to the virus (which is already in progress). There is another virus. In China and in pigs. We used to say, big deal, it’ll never come here. Don’t say that anymore. The various little bugs bugging us like the nomad existence just as we do. They like to see the world and meet new hosts. Hello, I’m a novel virus, I’ve just arrived and I’d like to take over lots of cells in your body so I can copy myself. An airBnB guest of the worst kind. They fly the same jets we do to their overseas destinations….but they never go home. They move in and make us their home. I just suspect there is a third form of disaster heading this way. Remember the three horsemen of the Apocalypse? Three plus a spare. So whats the third bit of bad news. Rock from space? or, or that star that is flickering like its about to nova. Its a big one. Maybe too far away to do much to us. Bright light in sky is emblematic for big changes coming. It’s in the book. Reality doesn’t need to follow scripts but if I was advising I’d say, throw in the meteor or comet or let Betelgeuse shoot X-Rays at us. I’d advise the movie’s director to do that. Its not over the top!, I’d say, the public has been nursed on disaster movies for half a century, they expect it. Or we could turn this into a religious flick, like the ten commandments, Bright light in the sky, Plague, rumors of war, actual war, rioting in the streets, and a toilet paper shortage. I had no idea that in 1973 when a gas shortage hit the USA there was a “run” on toilet paper ! Just like in March. Nobody’s figured out why this happens! Where are the conspiracy people? There must be interests manipulating things to sell TP but their secret is being well kept…I haven’t heard a thing about that….mysterious! Que the Theremin.

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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