Yo y el primero de Julio

A lot of emotion, confusion and, at least one Oxford coma.

Its been raining. The weeds must be thriving out there in the damp. The First day of July and winter is just around the corner. I always feel we’re coasting from this point. That’s Maine weather, seasonal to perfection. It will get hot and cool off. If we are lucky the late Summer and Fall are perfect outside. Temps moderate, everything moderate. Maybe even the ticks. Better to respect nature, love? ya, with reservations. Don’t have much choice. This thin band of air wrapped around the Earth is it. A biosphere rife with creatures and little bugs to attack them. Dwelling on the littlest members of the complement on board spaceship Earth? Yes, Me ah culpa. That senior shopper hour the local WalMart has, is that so they can zero in on us, the most vulnerable? Get us all in one herd and send the nasty little droplets our way. Why aren’t these people wearing masks! It is difficult to draw cartoon people with masks on. Expression poses enough difficulty to the drawing challenged, como yo, without covering the face. Is that why Donald refuses to wear his mask in public? If we can’t see his mouth moving how would we know he was spouting bilge? Next time I go somewhere I need to wear a mask, I’m adding a rubber band. Something to pull the two loops together at the back of my head. Its just a theory now but with testing I think the mask will hold its position better. Its got to face the onslaught of little droplets of spittle spewing from all the people waiting their opportunity to get me!

As in many science fiction movies you can’t tell who the zombies are you have to assume its anyone…..

I bet we will laugh about this later….We’ll get a real chuckle at how silly we were to get shook up by this. Oh my, just another false alarm. A fantasy put into our minds by the media. War of the Worlds with a modern twist. But hey, in that story the virus was the hero! Ya, it was the virus that killed all the Martians. But you didn’t know that. Doesn’t matter it was fiction written more than a century ago. Want me to be serious?…no you don’t. I don’t want to. OK, maybe a little….this is going to get much worse. What is the point of being serious beyond joining the dooms day folks. Not in their shelter, you’ll get buck-shot in the butt if you try getting into their luxurious underground shelter. No its time to make a more modest shelter. Could be worse, could be fall out. Maybe there will be. I have prepped for that. Well at least to the extent of building Geiger counters. The CV19 detector is what we really need. We will have them some day. An app and cheap tiny bit of hardware. Not now though. We enter the pandemic with the tools we have not the ones we need. I’ve been thinking in my delirium about the research being done. The research that will be done, to rid us of this natural enemy. Double edged sword isn’t it. Learning to sequence and synthesize and then design complex organics can and no doubt will take two paths. One to save lives and one, as a weapon to kill people. That always seems to happen with man’s science, both paths are taken. Nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Too many bad actors are seeing what this natural virus is doing and they’re impressed. The conspiracy crowd say this is a Chinese weapon. I doubt that – not like plagues out of Asia are anything new. That part of the world has been the source from way back in human history. So its always been just a matter of when. You invest in a bio lab or a cascade of centrifuges. Why does human genius take destructive paths? Good luck to all.

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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