The Lone Ranger gets schooled

Just who is being stupid? “Tonto or the inappropriately masked man who’s horse is named, Silver

I’d rather things were boring. Opening up a page with the news is like drinking from a fire hose running at full blast. A bit much. Other than that things are simpler. Keeping occupied in retirement is hobbies. Keeping alive vs the existential threat of the moment, is just another pastime. But it was always so – I just never had my attention forced in this way. Wana dye? Just have somebody breath on you, its easy. The spell checker said it was OK so its OK. Took the motorcycle down to a beach on the coast. Sat a safe distance from strollers and kids on bikes. Almost normal. Not many masks, They are not talismans. They have little to do if you are 10 feet away from everyone. They don’t have antiseptic mojo or anything. They just impede the breathing in of tiny, tiny, tiny droplets of water in which viral particles are like lone swimmers in an Olympic sized pool. Those critters are small! Someone said I was being pedantic, “moi?, pedantic” I recoiled, when I said it was amazing how they are stalking the herd (I’m starting to slide into acceptance at being part of a herd) like the jackals stalking wildebeests in the Serengeti. I said, “and they are not a life form” They check none of the boxes that qualify as life. They don’t reproduce (they “borrow” our cells for their version of procreation). They don’t eat. They are so small that if they did eat they’d atoms. Salads of Hydrogen and Oxygen, Nitrogen, gotta have that. So they don’t have sex with each other to reproduce. They don’t eat, not even left-overs. What else?, life moves, usually…even trees can move under their own power. A virus?, no. No legs, arms, a quadriplegic from the get go. They can’t crawl or fly on their own. But, to their great fortune and our dismay, humans and other mammals have a cloud of water droplets around them. Our exhalation is a thin monsoon of misty rain. So even if you don’t have a fever you might be sending out water loaded with viral particles. They’re software really. Not life. They are code designed to run on our machinery. Its as though a computer virus was making your printer spew out prints one after another. What does us in is the immune system going nuclear trying to defend us. The side effects of that seem to be a lot of the symptoms. I always end up talking about cv19 don’t I?, guess you are sick of reading about cv19. Yah, I hear ya, me too. Anyway, the tide was out and I noticed a few people had masks on tho nobody was near. The beach is interesting because of the new stuff that washes up at high tide. The wavy lines of seaweed and driftwood. That’s flotsam and jetsam right? I must have some somewhere. Kids and a couple of dogs splashing in the water. Bet it was cold. The three wind turbines were spinning on one of the islands. A full rotation every five seconds. Must be wonderful to have your electric power come from wind. I imagine I’d be in rapture if my computer, fridge and lights were breezy cool like the wind over the island. But my power comes from coal, I think. It has that bituminous taste. Or is it anthracite? I’ve forgotten. I can’t concentrate anymore. Has it only been three months?

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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