Long time, no write……

Yes, its been a while since I last put finger to key and created content for wp. Nothing to say? nah, that’s not true. Nothing worth saying, ya, maybe. Nothing anyone wants to hear?, absolutely, that seems ever true. I do have to laugh. In order to stay in the minds of their fans, the various celebs will generate headlines on google news, like….celeb A insults celeb B, celeb C intervenes to take sides. Well, for me its a giant….who gives a fug anyway. The next day they’re at it again with the letters transposed. For them and the fans it stokes up endorphins….I guess. Might give google the illusion of content although a random text generator would do as well. This stuff isn’t actionable and its shelf life is hours, it doesn’t mature or ripen like stinky cheese, it just evaporates. You can’t even recall wtf it was! What exactly did celeb A say that got celeb B so worked up? is celeb Z shagin’ celeb X ? will celeb Y be jealous or nauseous? Are they making money from this? Speaking of making money….my daughter wants me to get busy on the web and get patreons or maybe it was peons, people willing to send me money. For what? content? what content…could be anything she replies. Well, I think I could get into the unwrapping unpacking thing. Some eight year old is making millions with little one minute reels of him tearing the paper off a new toy. I’m not as cute as he is but at opening packages I’m no slouch. I lie. He has technique. He is a natural. His talents in that area God given and impressive. My package opening skills are really pedestrian. They allow me to get whatever out of the box but there is no, elan, no déchire déjà la putain de boîte!, as the French put it. At my late stage in life where would I even go to learn. No, you are born with the unwrapping skill or you are not. No ecole des ouvertures for this tike. The next box I encounter will be the one I crawl into. The one that gets lowered into the pit held by ropes of black velvet handled by men in black suits wearing tall black hats above black masks. Or a few minutes in the oven at the dumpsite crematoria.

After four years of not caring much the grand old party feels the bar should be raised….from zero

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

2 thoughts on “Long time, no write……

    1. Remember the blind old gringo in Cuenca? He got around the city for years with people helping him. I might do that. But in Vilca. I could join the beggar posse. Bring the contingent up to an even dozen. I’d need to starve some to loose enough weight that tourists would take me seriously. But that’s doable. I’ve lost 85 pounds since you saw me last. No not luggage on American Airlines, meat and potatoes around the midriff. This Corona Virus do chupa don’t it?


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