Aliens ?

A subtext is creeping into 2020’s creepy narrative. Aliens. There were aliens from south of the border of course. I don’t mean them. They were deported or concentrated in camps. Not to be confused with concentration camps. The aliens who are inserting themselves into the already weird story of 2020 are of the outer space persuasion. Three instances invited my attention. One was the return of a radio signal that seems to be coming from Alpha Centori. “seems” is the highlighted word in this. Ambient, or local spurious (unintentional) signals abound on the Earth. For every intended emission there are a dozen strays that escape into the wild. The federal government’s FCC puts an upper limit on what a product can emit. Without limits, your computer or smart refrigerator might interfere with passing aircraft. The radio astronomers at the Park’s radio dish in Australia are well aware of this. The first thing they suspect when ET phones them is a computer on a ranch ten miles away. Practically all their work is filtering out these “ambient” signals. But, on several occasions since 2016 a very clean, coherent, carrier wave at 802.02 MegaHertz was detected. That it was coherent, which is to say unmodulated, means that no video or audio or data was impressed upon it. It did drift slightly in frequency but not in the way a source moving periodically would. Not as a planet bound emitter would. But when the giant dish was pointed at Alpha Centori the signal was heard and when the dish looked away the signal disappeared. Not evidence but rather a strong indication of something. As Carl Sagan said, “Extraordinary claims require extradentary evidence. As I recall he also said, “Get that fuking cross out of my face” He was an atheist to the end, or did his best to remain an unbeliever. Somebody wanted to save him from the fires of hell and aggressively tried forcing a deathbed conversion. I can’t help but wonder, is he sitting an eternity in the waiting room outside God’s office?, his paperwork now totally fouled up….

But, back on theme…

Then there is the latest domestic terror bomber, the one who blew himself up last Christmas day in Nashville. Headlines listing progress in investigating so and so’s motivation mentioned Lizard People, ie belief in. The FBI is investigating whither or not so and so believed there were lizards posing as humans. Its good that the FBI had a hundred agents digging for clues and motives…but I wonder if a belief in lizard people is actionable info. What do you do when you establish that he did believe lizards were walking around down town Nashville? Would you go to that insurance company to interview the gecko who shills for them? Would he be willing to “out” members of his genus? his full name, a bit pretentious for such a small animal is, “Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis” I’ll bet when he takes on human guise he goes by the moniker, Bob Smith. “Hi there, my names Bob…Bob Smith, say, would you be interested in saving money on car or motorcycle insurance?”

With Covid deaths in the USA getting close to the half million mark we were rightly focused on the Covid relief bill in congress. A life and death struggle with political consequence, it affected me deeply, in my wallet. As I write this (late 2020) it looks like I’ll get $600 and not $2000. Mitch McConnell called the higher number, “welfare for the rich” He’s not talking about me. Trump must have lifted another veil because he remarked that the bill he vetoed had so many provisions. They always have provisions, riders, add-ons. Like the last bus out of town in a third world country it is jammed full and even the roof’s overloaded with riders. Being sensitive to his base Trump focused on the provision in the defense bill renaming military bases. The names to be changed are those of Confederate generals. I have several times in my life sworn to not attempt the violent overthrow of the US government. So…WTF? Honor those who did? But anyway, Trump sensed there was traction in opposing the renaming. He said nothing about another little rider in the bill. The one that would blow the lid on space aliens. It gives the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) six months to report on what the government’s various branches know regarding UAP which is to say UFOs. Biden, I expect will be too busy to back burner that. And, maybe….the aliens know a lot about viruses. I pray they do and will help us. Oh, atheists can pray too….and just as effectively. There is even a cute secular name for it….manifesting. Manifest Destiny, a contradiction or a plan?

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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