Soon it’ll be a year

A graphic repurposed and worse for the wear as are we

“How should we mark the one year anniversary of the lock down?” she ask, I thought a moment and said, “On the Ides of March, the 15th, we should bash a Covid piñata” She wondered if there was such a thing. “We can make one”, I offered. The middle of March 2020 was when I hunkered down. Didn’t go out for two months. That was the start of my WP account. Did anyone think the title of the blog indicated its content? or an exclusive content, the virus? It never was my intent but if I had or not so intended the virus would still have snuck in. It’s done that everywhere. Even a clownish fascists’ putsch got in the act as another super spreader event. A diversion, the Corona virus? or was the clown’s swan song the side show? History will say and even then only be rendering an opinion. Guess its where your interests lie. Me?, being retired to the edge of the woods its all side show. My sincere sympathy to those who trudge thru lockdown trying to earn the rent or mortgage payment. Humanity’s heroes really. Protecting their children and others as they keep society’s machinery running. I’m not expected to be on the front line, too old. Too venerable. Best I can do is avoid being host to mutations. I pass the time cleaning up the shack. Doing projects and organizing. Curating the cabinet of curious collected crapola. Each item with its history and provenance. Concentrating enough to manifest a breakthrough in consciousness. Putting myself back in time to the interglacial period of 25 KYA when the Saraha was green and Doggerland dry. There are people there to greet me. They ask about this era. When I tell them their green savannas will be oven hot sand wastes some day they are amused. Not possible but a novel thought. That the coastal forest beneath the Doggerland hills will become sea bottom. Why?, because the wall of ice a few hundred miles to the north will melt. They’ve heard of the ice from travelers. How could something so grand melt? They’re curious about our technology, finding it awesome. I judge their lives better overall but maybe its because my physical self is rooted here in the early third millennia CE. They fish and trap and collect plants for food and medicine. Their knowledge of the natural world is impressive. They say, “The creator has provided all we need” and it’s true. Wanting ever more regardless of what you have is our sickness. The people of that distant past accept their place in nature and have enough. We try to redefine our place, to be apart, to be in charge. We fail that attempt but also fail to learn. The idea of creating one’s own afterlife appeals to me. It will be Green Saraha or Doggerland’s coast I think. So much of humanity’s great trek out of east Africa is forgotten, un recorded. Twenty-five thousand years ago is not so far. The next interglacial is harder to imagine. Except for one thing. Digging anywhere then you will be uncovering a landfill. The cement, asphalt and brick of cities ground to dust by advancing then retreating ice. This age, the Anthropocene, will have left its mark as a layer of trash.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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