More from the new tablet

I have trouble remembering the identity of people in the photo refs nameless faces, bodies and cats
the author’s voice

The NYT is great for old photos. References for an endless number of images from their archives. All the news that’s fit to print and pictures to accompany that fit news going back a century plus. That’s a lot of light and shadow. At first silver halide on plates and later film and still later magnetic domains and floating electric charges. Can’t imagine how photos will be stored in the future, in another century. When nature builds a data base system, an archive for recorded structure, the genome, she never deletes. She makes an entry in the log saying “ignore from here to here” Better to keep the trash than risk tossing something that might be useful some day. Like a photo. I think the woman with the cat was an author or an academic. Could be the cat is her “familiar” and shes a witch. There is a bit of “Bell Book and Candle” about her pose. We see an old photo out of context and the wheels of imagination start grinding.

A bug drawn on the Wacom One tablet from a photo on the Nikon site

There is no excuse now for not creating a ton of content to make Amazon even richer. Danke Gott I enjoy and in fact can’t get enough, drawing and painting. Time to hitch up that restless horse and plow the bottom forty acres. Plant it in fantastic tales of daring do and high adventure among natives deep in the forest and jungle. An opportunity to invent the missing details of the thousand generations of people who lived in Doggerland. You never heard of Doggerland? It sank beneath the sea between England and Holland. Close to nothing is known about the people who must have taken advantage of such an hospitable place in that window of time, 12,000 to 80,000 years before the present. But I drift.

Its true, I just don’t use the color in moderation….too much is just short of enough

In the way that a person who just bought a back hoe looks for a piece of ground that needs a hole I look for a project worthy of the new tablet. An illustrated novel? Something for the adventurous ten to thirteen year old. They must be ready for adventure, missing friends, lives disrupted by the virus and school closings. Not a fictional dystopia, like hunger games or ready player one. Something nice, hopeful, positive. Or is that NOT what is wanted? Doom and gloom to be layed on gloom and doom? I don’t need it but then I’m old. In a couple of weeks 3/4 of a century old. God only knows what today’s youth want. A simple life? If so they might be out of luck. That train might have left the station. Or was that line shut down long ago.

Always the theme of sail boats that take to the sky – what would Freud say?

So what to do with the new tool slash toy, the tablet? I don’t think I will buy another, larger tablet. The cost for this one is around $5 a square inch of work area. For the 24 and 32 inch Wacom tablets the cost goes up to $10 or $11 a square inch. I’m used to drawing on a clipboard on a stack of 8.5×11 inch copier paper. The Wacom is small for an HD display but not for a drawing area. In front of me is the Wacom, ergonometrically placed perpendicular to my line of sight. Beyond it, on the wall, a 42 inch HD display. Both show the same window. Maybe a combination of the two displays will feel comfortable, eventually. We shall see.

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