The Ministry of Truth

This was prompted by the disappearance of several books recently – you’d do well to imagine they never existed at all !
The author reads “The Ministry of Truth” into a cheap microphone

The Stalinist government of the USSR would signal who was in and out of favor with the politburo with a photo of officials reviewing the May Day parade. If someone was out of favor they didn’t just clean out their desk and leave the building under escort. More likely they just ceased to exist. The clue that they didn’t exist…in fact had never existed was the annual photo. An airbrush rendered empty space where on the actual day so and so had stood. His history vanished with him. Best not to ask, drop him down Orwell’s memory hole. Who? That’s the ides, who?…only now its books. Books that were OK when they were published but times have caught up with them and their evil words and illustrations are glaringly obvious…to the “woke police” anyhow.

I generate content for a local rag called the Buzz. Its small but not immune to “cancel” culture

Six Dr. Seuss books will no longer be printed.,   “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street,” “If I Ran the Zoo,” “McElligot’s Pool,” “On Beyond Zebra!,” “Scrambled Eggs Super!,” and “The Cat’s Quizzer”

Doctor Seuss’s characters will join disgraced politburo members in the “memory hole” where existence ceases.

Libraries will be under pressure to remove the books from their shelves. Damn!, I never know what to invest in!! There can be no doubt prices for pristine first editions of these six books will soar. The rush to get those that remain will start the climb in price. Hmmmm, if I can only guess what is about to be identified by the woke police for disappearance I can get in on the ground floor. I am a gringo for sure, looking for money in any situation, including this one. Were there touts taking bets in Place de la Concorde as the Guillotine sliced and heads rolled into baskets? Just because its a bad day for some doesn’t mean others can’t make hay while their sun shines. Maybe the freeing up of shelve space by books removed makes space for mine…when published…when written. Oh there are other books disappearing too. The towering colossi of American literature, Mr Dav Pilkey, author of the monumentally successful series, “Captain Underpants”, was taken in for questioning by the woke police. He must have gotten expert advice judging by his reaction. Over the top obsequent, groveling, apology. Any struggle and he (and his publisher) would face the loss of million$ in sales. More important than the money (God!, is such a thing even possible?) is the potential loss of these tomes of wisdom, these guides for youth. Books such as, “Sir Stinks a Lot” and the spin off, “Dog Man” with ten titles so far. Eighty million books sold! Who says kids aren’t reading? Most importantly the books are illustrated. With a closepin on my nose and my new tablet, who knows, I might even be capable of reaching the heights of creative genius Mr Pilkey is attaining and a few of the $$ too.

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3 thoughts on “The Ministry of Truth

  1. Gotta love the woke gestapo. Soon the words “hypocrisy” and “irony” will be removed from the dictionary — a la 1984 — because they’d become too subtle of concepts for the general populace to comprehend. And contrary to popular belief systems and social engineering, people would have winced at some of Dr. Seuss’s more outrageously stereotypical portraits of racial minorities decades ago. We haven’t become more sensitive or insightful to certain issues — we aren’t more awakened — but just more virulently dogmatic about it, and demanding the maximum punishment under the law, or outside of it, for any transgression of the faith.


    1. Seems to be a signature of revolutions. The Chinese cultural revolution comes to my mind. I should research that. It turned on its progenitors who then shut it down. None of this is ideological so much as human nature expressed in that mindless lumbering thing, the mob. Back to my mantra…. too damn many people!!! Lemming numbers and a lemming fate.

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      1. Undoubtedly too many people. I’ve also grown skeptical of “revolutions”. This terms is thrown out as if it is always positive, and in art usually bundled with “radical”. But in my 50’s I no longer seek the radical revolution, nor think it is necessarily a good thing at all. Rather, I now believe, we should endeavor to understand and integrate the past, build on what has worked before, and add to it. That’s how science and medicine operate, and why they have progressed so far, whereas socially we stumble forward in pitches and keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Starting over from scratch in a bloody new dawn is about the last thing we need, and at this stage in the development of our civilization is probably impossible – who is going to keep the electricity running and prevent the nuclear power plants from overheating? When the revolution comes and western civilization is crushed in the name of social justice, who is going to fly the planes and control air traffic? Antifa? Opps, I’m going on a rant in a comment.


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