Tablet? What tablet?

Fictional characters with an old brick wall behind them comment on the current obsession

They are talking to me, those cartoon characters. They know what’s going on in my head…that’s where they come from. They raise themselves up and leap landing on paper, or these days, tablet. Stream of unconsciousness or something. Some sort of escape for them and a relief for me. The thoughts are gone and good riddance. Its just the rumble and thud and grinding of gears of the mental process. When the idea hits, if it does, I will buy the big tablet and let the devil take the hindmost or damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.

This is the focus of my attention and angst, The Wacom One

There is something about this graphic that confuses me no end….confused media

What is confusing and irritating about the above graphic is physical paint on a virtual canvas. Has any artist gotten drunk or high enough to put a paint loaded brush to a tablet surface? Can’t imagine anyone doing that…it would ruin the tablet I’d think. Would you somehow scrape the surface of the tablet? could that be done without damage? Are we going to have more and more of these virtual meets actual incidents? Virtual people, avatars, bumping into real people. Robots and andromorphs. I don’t expect to be around long enough to see these possibilities. In my imagination a robot picks up a tablet and stylus and sketches a man. He wonders if the man he has drawn has any thoughts. Borges again. The man dreams a man into existence and discovers he himself is just a dream. Only “he” is a robot or android. Shades of Blade Runner, do androids dream? Do electric sheep dream? I dream, stuck in REM sleep, I dream a lot. I’m dreaming now.

God bless the grocery fairy

I took a photo of the seaweed plant on the Rockland waterfront with my cheap camera. I put the image with the five to one aspect seascapes tend to have into GIMP, the open source graphics program. Not totally sure the new Wacom tablet was interfaced to GIMP then. Stylus or mouse I began to replace each of the photo’s pixels. I took liberties with the detail. Busy planes of color and abrupt changes in tone. I shifted the wind. In the event it was on shore. I changed that to off shore. Seemed to suit the composition better. A psych major or majorette could do worse than examine right hand vs south paw preferences for symmetry imbalance. I have no time for any of that. I just let the chips fall where they may. I hope that’s OK

Rockland’s industrial waterfront

This will provide some small answer to the question, “what do you say when you have nothing to say?” Not a problem in this world. The media seem able to suck the words out of us. The website, the printing press, the campfire. “They” say humans are different because they use tools. I do that. Another set of “they” say its because humans tell stories. I do that As well.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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