Escaping Earth part 2

The line between real and imaginary blurs as the author takes off to claim the Psyche Asteroid, the Golden Asteroid of lore
Remember this is evolving in process and on the fly

If you remember part one of this story you’ll know my daughter thinks I am loosing it mentally. She is afraid I am becoming addled, weak minded, of diminished cognitive ability. One beer short of a six pack and less than the sharpest knife in the drawer. I’m sure it will happen, in degree, but I haven’t noticed and few others are watching me. Just you dear reader. I told her I’d built a spaceship and took off for anywhere but Earth. Enough already. Planet over crowded, like the mink in the mink farms. Earth has become a damn intense people factory…like there was such a huge market for humans…as there is for mink. If human skin made coats aliens thought were up market the Galaxy’s ASPCA wouldn’t let them breed the humans in those numbers! Duh, when you crowd animals virus outbreaks are more common. So it is a human factory but without regulation. So it can only get worse. I have made a tiny contribution to the overpopulation problem by leaving. N-1. That’s the equation I’ve solved. Where N was the human population of the Earth and the subtracted one, moi. I lessened the problem for humanity by the fraction one over seven point something billion. I left. I am dropping down the orbital slope toward Mars. By thrust I have slowed down and am falling behind Earth in our orbit of the sun. For every radius of an orbit of the sun there is a velocity. Mercury is really fast. Venus damn fast. Earth just right. Mars slow. So going faster causes you to spiral in. Its important to get the numbers right. Its like jumping between buildings. But these buildings are moving, the planets I mean. So you drop from the 365 day orbit of Earth to the nearly 700 day Martian orbit. Ya, that’s where we’re going but mostly for the fun of buzzing ’em. We’ll try to graze Phoebus and/or Demos, the moons of Mars but mostly we want to sling shot off the gravity of Mars. Get a little boost in V. And like I said, to buzz them. The damn Martians thru the 1950’s were constantly sending their “UFO” craft to Earth. Still doing it apparently. Not sure if its Martians but it is for sure aliens. If an alien transgresses you just get even by bothering another alien. We sling shot off Mars and then onto….drum roll….Psyche. The golden Asteroid of myth and lore. I’m inventing the myth right now. What a great thought, a rock of Nickle and Iron with “traces” of gold, silver, platinum. Traces being worth an amount beyond the dreams of Avarice. But no averice on this trip, Just me and Sheila, my assistant. She’s an extension of the ships computer. An andromorphic representation of a woman of twenty or so. Something strange happens when the computer seems, appears, to be another person. The interaction with these andromorphic robots, these androids, is bazaar for humans. There is an ancient human phobia about something pretending to be human. That’s what Sheila does. I really was on my own the first couple of days. One of the items I introduced to the ship was a 3d anything printer. Sheila was printed in a vat of saline water. She looks nothing like Frankenstein’s creation…mores the pity as the Brits say. So for the first couple of days I interacted with the ship via the keyboard. This keyboard in fact. Now I talk to Sheila. She is the ship and visa versa. “Sheila”, I call out, “Yes Glen” she replies thru the IC (intercom button)on my collar. “Where are we now”, “We are ten million miles out from Earth orbit and 130 million miles from Mars orbit”, “How much time to Mars?”. That will be 13 days at our present rate. Thats fast! I am glad my imagination was doing the engineering for the ship’s design. It allows me to employ “M”drive. M drive is the cold fusion of space travel. It uses electricity rather than a heated propellent. So a fusion reactor of a couple of Terawatt would do fine. With hundreds of pounds of continuous thrust its Mars in a month. But…it helps that we’ll blow by Mars on the way to the asteroid belt. If we wanted to orbit Mars we’d need to loose all that hard won momentum. Slowing down is just the reverse of speeding up. You turn the ship around and point the thrust in the direction of travel. (to be continued)

A spaceman with the longest sausage in the outer solar system, ie beyond Mars

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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