Waiting for my Blue Yeti

WTF with Leaving/Escaping Earth?
Every pop, puff and breath captured perfectly

I have updated my previous post “Leaving Earth 4” by adding the author’s reading of it

In this web presence, WordPress and my interest in graphics, creative writing and voice, ie classic radio drama, I wonder what format I should settle on. Nothing too Freudian about the title, Escaping Earth. In quiet times millions of us wish to go out into the void. Partly because of curiosity about what’s in that void but also to flee Earth. So this is my fantasy really but you can share it. Build your own ships. We can make a convoy and head out to mine the asteroid belt. Not crowded out there. So being retired I have the luxury of time. Sort of like hanging around the time clock of life ready to punch out. Nobody begrudges you a few minutes. Its your last shift at the plant. Next stop the afterlife, a retirement you can afford. But getting back on subject. Radio drama format. Means scripts vs the other style. I never got no schoolin’ bout writen er nuten so I lack polish. Can’t spell either. My spell checker beats me up. Is it my imagination or is the spell checker getting more aggressive. Are they about to comment on content? The radio drama format. Scripts. A half dozen character voices. A minimum of editing because it is very time consuming. One take is what you want. So I might be making major changes in the presentation. Getting used to the tablet too. The new Wacom. And the sound editing software, Audacity, I like it. Waiting for a Blue Yeti Microphone. That would have been a great name for a psychedelic rock band, “Waiting for my Blue Yeti”

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

2 thoughts on “Waiting for my Blue Yeti

  1. One of my long-standing fantasies is to be stranded in a spaceship like in the movie “silent Running”. When the guy is left alone in the end with a couple robots and one forest pod, I feel strangely envious. I wonder how far in our future it will be before we find ourselves in a convoy in space, shuttling along. It’s seeming more and more plausible.


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