Corona Virus Blues

The Corona Virus blues in two jabs

I got dem covid blues
from my runny nose
down to my blue toed shoes

covid blues, can’t seem
to loose dem covid blues
(repeating refrain)

can’t taste can’t smell
gonna die but what the hell


Got the sanitizer got the mask
But the UK strain is surging fast


Pfizer Moderna and J and J
get the jabs then pray and pray


Up from Brazil another bummer
Jes might be its got my numma


Its not much but anyone who knows a couple of blues chords should fill it out and extend it. Providing that’s how they want to spend that small part of their remaining time on Earth. An old expression occurs to me. Nothing focuses the attention like impending death. All this a litmus for personality. Our former president here in the USA had a wicked sense of humor (I guess it was humor). When ask why he’d dismissed the virus early on said he didn’t want to panic anyone. Reminds me of the Soviet era joke…when the sirens go off for a nuclear attack, walk, don’t run, to the nearest cemetery. Walk so you don’t cause panic. All this shows human nature, human behavior, highlighted in Corona’s glare. The Alpha predator, us, is cowered by little snips of code we can’t even see. Many of us don’t believe in them either. Belief is so important, it’s what shapes reality for all of us. The pragmatist and the delusional Trump supporter, we all shape our own reality. The virions are too small and simple to have imaginations or complex world views. The virus just lands on the biological copy machines in our throats and lungs and punches the number button as high as it will go, say a million. Then it hits the copy button. Always makes me think of the Disney cartoon based on the story of the Sorcerer’s apprentice (Mickey Mouse). He uses a spell to make his work go faster. His broom splinters into more brooms and they into ever more. The exponential growth gets out of hand. Life has harnessed magic like that. All swords have two edges and we live by the sword. As I’ve said before – I have seen the best part of the movie. Leaving the theater in the last ten minutes is not much of a loss. The presentation was never going to last forever. That delusion, the open ended life, is most of the angst in the Covid movie. I should have taken the red pill. But long ago I took the blue.

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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