A Blue Yeti hangs from my ceiling

The Yeti was captured on Ebay and quietly hangs over the PC, a trophy
The text as spoken word, a tale told to a blue Yeti

The missing Yeti, a blue Yeti, this one black, hangs patiently from the ceiling listening to my rants and monologs. It was missing for a couple of weeks while the seller scrambled to get a second example. The first went astray. USA seller apparently means just that. It doesn’t mean items are shipped from stock in the USA. The first Yeti must be wondering around a back alley somewhere, kicking over trash cans in the hours before dawn. I hope it finds a loving home as my new Yeti has. We bonded quickly. He eats raisins, well, that is to say he lives on currents. These currents supplied via a USB cable. With a hundred mils of these dried grapes my black Blue Yeti manages to hear all and pass it on to the new PC. A sound editor named Audacity displays the sounds as a squiggly blue graph. Great software. Lets me edit out the breathing and pauses and other flaws. After an edit the sound file is presentable, well, as presentable as a bum given a quick shave and stuffed into an ill fitting suit. The improvement being more impressive than the final result. Judge for yourself.

The latest from the Wacom One, a riff on a published photo

I have totally gone over to the tablet for drawing. No more, pencil, then ink, then erase, then brush away the eraser crumbs. Then onto the flat bed scanner. Scan and bring into gimp. Gimp is still the software but now the sketch starts and ends in Gimp.

Is every graphic a crude Rorschach test? Could he be his own shrink and therapist? May Bee

Its been said (by someone no doubt) that “Man” (PC is “People” or Human beings) are tool users. I have met many that are distinctly NOT tool users, who have NO tools in the house. The same “sayer” of things said people are story tellers. Lets make the jump to….The story is a tool. When we (humanity) invented the future and past, that is when we stopped living in the moment, we needed stories. Memory is the story of what has happened. Tweek the story a little and you can set it in the future. In fact that is the future, a story of the past hammered into a prediction of the next few minutes, days or even eons. The mists that challenge the view of tomorrow’s tomorrow allows things like science fiction. Doesn’t have to be science really. Should be called social fiction. The science we expect and aren’t surprised by but the social! Just a generation to generation change…that gets our attention. The recent attitudes and beliefs revealed by the political/social upheavals here in the USA are weirder than jetpacks and flying cars. I mean just look (I’m looking) at this new PC and tablet and microphone. Major sci fi themes of my youth and then some, the stuff I take for granted daily. That vs the “The weird worship of one dude” (a Republican Senator’s description of today’s Republican party)

Who knew that before it made its first car Saab made a jet aircraft…I didn’t know that and I’m an aviation nerd.

This riff on a Saab 21 started with a photo. That is a huge difference between doing something on the tablet and on paper. There were ways back in the day, transparent paper overlays, tracing a photo. Now I replace pixels. Is it art? Who knows….the critics of course. Like all followers of Onan I do it because it feels good. Recreation vs procreation. The world has enough art already, all that’s left is going thru the motions. Regular and repetitive until its done.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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