Non Fungible (immune to fungus) Banana Peel

When hip was in I was out. When the cool ruled I was uncool. In my old age I have decided to finally get myself ahead of the curve, in front of the trend, In with the IN crowd. I have purchased a nonfungible banana peel. At the point where Art, Grift and Technology meet you’ll find the NFT, the Nonfungible Token. Its a number. Hashed out of the meta data for an image, in this case one of a banana peel. They’re not cheap. I had to sell my house and cash in my retirement as well as beg the seller for a veteran’s discount (10%) but the day came when I too was the owner of a NFT. Proud isn’t the word for how I feel to be at long last among the spacchuiso. Ya I live in a box on the edge of the park now. My wheels are a stolen supermarket cart. I don’t eat regular, but that hasn’t affected my apatite. Soon as I’m back on my feet again I plan on acquiring more fruit themed NFT’s. Reduced to a number these banana peels and melon rinds don’t decay producing a stench…but something smells about all this. Ah yes, its the smell of $$

Dedicated color field painter wonders what NFT her work would yield

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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