White Privilege

The external results of self flagellation

You’ve got an exercise machine. The first month you had it you rode an hour a day. Your feeling of guilt about being out of  shape and overweight faded as you peddled mile after imaginary mile. After a few weeks you moved a large flat screen monitor so you could watch as you rode. Then you mounted a drink cup holder to the machine handles. With that and a long straw you could sip as you worked out. The hour a day starts to dwindle, soon its half an hour, then a quarter hour. At each point you had a rationale for doing less. Eventually the exercise bike becomes a hat rack and disappears under its load of coats and jackets.

There is no guilt that can’t be made a profit center for someone

One day, at the office, someone explains the concept of white privilege to you. You’ve often wondered why more of you co-workers were not people of color. Now you understand. You’ve taken their job!, not by being more qualified but simply because of your race. Your advantage, your privilege, is unearned! You feel great shame, guilt. You look for ways to expiate the guilt but it only grows. In some religions, those believing we are born guilty, there are rituals of atonement. Self flagellation, ritual cutting and lacerating of the flesh, then parading thru towns with others. A procession of bleeding penitents descending into valleys, winding thru villages, ascending ridges. More practical in rural Sicily than Manhattan. What is an urban office worker to do? Just as there are machines to assuage the guilt of flabby flesh and lack of exercise – there is one to automate expiation. Introducing the Flail-o-tron. flailing one’s self is difficult and ineffective. Having a machine, fully programmable, do the flailing, is the answer.

Who knows what their actual guilt is, calculating the whipping machine’s settings takes lots of study.

Note for those without irony/nuance skills. Beating yourself up for perceived privilege does nothing to prevent black citizens being beaten up by racist cops. Nothing. Its another empty gesture. This so called “privilege” is only what’s due a citizen, all citizens, their rights under the law. The denial of those rights to part of the population because of deep seated racism hasn’t been caused by you. You got the job and your black brother didn’t, when he was more qualified, not because of your action, but because of the employer’s attitude. In 1968 when I was a young man, many cops felt they could beat up anyone with long hair. It was perceived as anti war and liberal. Society gave cops the idea that it was OK. Change society at its root. Anything else is window dressing.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

3 thoughts on “White Privilege

  1. To be clear. There is no “white privilege”. Every example of it is an example of black or minority “underprivilege”. If you are not underpriviledged, that doesn’t mean you are privileged, in the same way that if you are not poor, it doesn’t mean you are a billionaire. All one can honestly say is that in recent history, to be white meant not to suffer certain disadvantages relative to minorities, assuming all else was equal. Real privilege exists in astronomical proportions. When someone can buy a JPEG by Beeple for $69,000,000 during a pandemic when most people are hemorrhaging their life-savings, that’s REAL F’ing privilege, according to the dictionary definition.

    Real privilege is the real problem. When less than 1% of the population has more than everyone else combined, the problem isn’t working class white Americans who don’t have the disadvantages minorities have been encumbered with. Further, if you were to investigate cases of police brutality, you would discover, surprisingly enough. that there is no real targeting of black suspects. In the present, it’s a myth. Look it up. Isolated incidences are cherry picked in order to perpetuate the notion that everything wrong with America, and the world, is due to the deplorable, white working class. It’s a lie.

    “White privilege” is a decoy for real privilege, and makes working class white Americans a scapegoat and human shield for the ruling elite. It is also now a form of anti-white discrimination and cause for hatred.

    Notice that if the problem is “white privilege” the solution is to level the playing field by smashing down the white middle and working class. However, if the problem is black and minority underprivilege, the solution is to elevate them. For the ruling elite, it’s better to smash everyone done.

    I’m sick of hearing about it. You are spreading pernicious social engineering, scapegoating nonsene. It makes me sick.


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