A new Covid toy

Fido is a Nikon Z5

its great when your government is so sensitive to a citizen’s needs and desires that it can anticipate their bucket list. Not just anticipate an item to be obtained or accomplished before the proverbial bucket gets kicked by the Vaca del destino but to supply the needed cash. My government has done just that. As rich uncles often do, my Uncle Sam, let me fill in the order…in this case for a Nikon camera. I have had a camera since I was ten. My parents were both into photography so I had first dibs on old cameras. Over the years, these seven decades, I have use a dozen different cameras. A few viewfinders & the rest SLR’s. I had the top brands but never a Nikon. With me its a given that Nikon makes the best. So being able to go out into the photo op filled world with a state of the art camera is really something…to me. Might leave you cold, but me…its good. There was a virus involved in the chain of events that landed me the Nikon but the details of it all blur. The specific Nikon is one of the new line, the Z series. Mine, the Z5 with a 24-200mm f4/5.6 lens. To be ordered soon is an add on lens. A fish eye/macro. It goes in front of the 24-200 lens. With it I can make bugs 5,000 pixels wide or capture half a mall in one frame. I’ve taken it to one baseball game in the month I’ve had it. Every shot with a ball in motion froze the ball right at the perfect point in the composition. Weird – but I’ll take it. The graphics processor that crunches the numbers from the 24 Megapixel imager might have an algorithm for baseballs. It has one for eyes and smiles. As with other examples of masterful design it is a deep well of function but a beginner using it on automatic does fine right off the bat.

With all 200mm and some zoom in the graphics software, Our neighborhood eagle.
I am in no way a sports photographer….but this isn’t too bad a shot! Nikon should take the credit. Again all 200mm of the telephoto

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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