Magnetic moment

The non rational have latched onto magnetism in a big way

The meme was bouncing off the walls of the rubber room we call the internet. It postulated that a vaccine for Covid would magnetize the forehead of the shot’s recipient. Presumably the grey matter behind the forehead…ie, the brain. OK, I thought, I’d better postpone that MRI scan. Don’t want dueling magnets in my cerebrum or Sara Bella. Enough activity going on there now. My good fortune is that I have plenty of magnets on hand. Ready to fight the scourge, our age’s “Magnetic Moment”. For triage Add to the hand held IR forehead temp scanner the magnetic compass. Good thing too. The vaccinated will influence the pointer, throwing it off North. The unvaccinated will not. Just in time too! what with fake vaccination cards being offered. But there is more! Not only does this amazing dose of J and J or Pfizer make magnets of brains, it also makes brass keys magnetic! This is in its way even more fantastic. But there on the web was the evidence. A woman demonstrated by putting a key on her forehead. It STUCK !, well sort of. There might have been interference caused by the presence of non believers. The key at times slid off. The take away here is that brass near the vaccinated person develops ferromagnetic properties! Wow, the mind (now magnetic) boggles! What possibilities this opens up. The keys we once tossed into a jar on the kitchen counter can now be tossed at the fridge, joining the magnetic poetry. Magnetism has long been popular with the fuzzy minded posse. They sometimes confuse it with gravity. Not surprising since the “so called” experts, the physicists, can’t explain gravity. Distortion of space time? Duh, who is going to fall for that dodge? Not the person with brass keys stuck to their magnetic skull.

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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