Don Cosmic gives his chief hit man an assignment, Earth

Late in 2020 the US government instructed the military and intelligence services to spill the beans on 70+ years of sightings. “What do you know?” the Senators and Representatives ask in an official way. Puts the government apparatus in a difficult spot. Spill the beans and piss off Don Cosmic, the tough guy who runs this part of the galaxy. The Don doesn’t want anything bad to happen to the Earth but he also doesn’t like it when sentient creatures talk too much. When they drop a dime and snitch the Don gets ugly. When the Don isn’t happy meteoroids and bigger rocks rain down. A planet’s biosphere isn’t healthy after a comet lands. The Capa de Cosmos keeps a lot of icy comets cooling their heels in the Ort cloud. He only needs to give the word, a little nudge, and one starts falling toward the blue green marble.

That’s one take on the latest iteration of a favorite idea. Aliens visiting Earth. Or secret human technologies. Or visitors from the future (Human presumably). Or trans dimensional apparitions of some kind. And that maddening question, do you “believe” in UFO’s….as though believing meant much. The question does suggest that for most people believing is seeing. If that’s the case, if we build reality from belief, there should be an increase of sightings. Oh there is something there. Something is flying around Navy assets and being seen on radar and IR and Lidar as well maybe. But the you in UFO means unidentified. That is the situation, nobody knows. Not a problem, humans regularly build huge structures of belief when knowledge falls short. Trouble is we can’t seem to agree on what to believe in. Me?, I’ve chosen the trans dimensional thing. It could be combined with the “beings from the future” idea. Seems somebody wrote a book about how trans dimensional visitors appear in the dimension being visited. “Flatland: a romance of many dimensions”, is that book. It was written in 1885 by Edwin Abbott. In it we, living in the higher dimensional world, the world of three dimensions visit Flatland, a two dimensional reality. Check it out, The book is public domain now and available on the web.

But our world is a cultural one. It is less dimension than demented. Our senses doing their best to interpret stimulus and our minds modeling a conspiracy called “reality”. The conspiracy isn’t theory, its our attempt to make a sane place to live. The sightings are upsetting because they don’t conform. But unknown remains unknown. It does unless you give in to the human tendency to make stuff up. Most people would rather force fit an ill fitting explanation into the model than NOT know. When I was repairing electronics for a living I often wondered what the key to success in that area was. It wasn’t technical knowledge so much as persistence in the face of ignorance. The skill is being able to continue to investigate when no progress is made. Science, medicine, physics are fields where progress in knowledge came by way of people who could tolerate their own ignorance. Most of us can’t. When others illuminate our ignorance, even our common ignorance, we ridicule them.

As long as the phenom, the UFO/UAV, don’t get too physical we should be able to keep bravely whistling in the dark. If they limit themselves to playing games with Navy ships and aircraft and nobody gets hurt we can continue whistling. What would be really cool, a work of conceptual art, would be this. At the moment the congress receives the UFO/UAV report a thousand disks and tic tac craft form over Washington DC. Then the military sends up lots of fighters to intercept. Then nothing. The objects ignore the fighters. After an hour the objects silently zoom away at Mach six. But, they’ve been seen by a million people all over the DC area. On HD TV hundreds of millions around the globe watched. All the radar and IR and down looking spy sats have studied them. Russian and Chinese and Israeli spy sats saw them. Now everybody believes. Now nobody calls the observers crazy. But….we still do NOT know anything we didn’t know! We have nothing we can act on to gain any knowledge. We are still in the dark but at least we’ve stopped whistling.

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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