You say OVNI, I say UFO DOD say UAP

This is nothing less than an attack on our collective percieved reality! – it’s a big deal!

The anachronisms abound here. In Spanish it is OVNI for “objectivos vuela no identificar” which is in English Unidentified flying objects. But UFO like other terms in hot usage evolve and UFO as a term has too much Hollywood baggage. Or so thought the US Department of Defense, the DOD. They rebranded the steer named UFO as UAP. Thats Unidentified Arial Phenomenon. Again pretty much the same thing….but could be something other than Hollywood aliens. Lets hope so. Lets hope the universe can be more inventive than most of the movie industry. But if this is the survey work for an alien invasion and take over…I want to start right now loosening my already loose loyalty to Human kind. I want to go on record right now as welcoming our new alien overlords. As I’ve already said, I want a trans dimensional story line. Maybe with time travel. It is so much in the hands of the writer and producer. I can’t wait for the movie.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

3 thoughts on “You say OVNI, I say UFO DOD say UAP

  1. My theory is they are merely lifeforms, intelligent or not, that have existed here since the dawn of time, not ships of any kind. One day in the future, we will discover a way to capture and study one. If they are indeed intelligent and self-aware, they may take offense.


    1. Thanks for the look see oddbox. I am 75 years old. My father was in the Air Force in 1947 and in the communications section at Scott AFB for the famous UFO intercept . Aside from that I have at times seen things in the sky I could not ID and obviously that makes them UFO’s. But it doesn’t make them aliens. I don’t know or have a theory. If humanity knows 0.00001 of one percent of what there is to know on the Earth, then it follows we are almost perfectly ignorant of the greater universe. So how come everyone expects that someone MUST know what these sightings are. If they are foreign military then we should start boot licking now. Do most folks understand the implications of turning a 90 corner at Mach 6 ? The whole UFO phenom is the story, ie the human reaction to the sightings. Aside from that there is zero data. If the govt had secret info it would have behaved differently over the past three quarters of a century. As for the toys…..that’s what life is for, that and the various arts. Until the aliens tell us our true purpose……

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