UFO or UAP its really all the same to me

A camera lets your computer watch the sky while you sleep
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The unidentified things in the sky phenomena is like a very bright spotlight. What is being illuminated is human nature via humanity’s reaction to that spot light. That is, we know nothing about the source of the light. We can measure the light in a few ways but never (that I know of) have we grabbed and held the source of this light. So we know it is a light but nothing more….and yet our reaction covers the spectrum of human emotion. Fear mostly. I think the derisive disbelief and ridicule directed at people reporting sightings is fear driven. I’d rather believe that you are crazy than that some alien is watching me like I might watch a microbe. People who don’t fear an alien invasion but rather welcome it tend to OD on spiked cool-aid. This illumination of humanity’s fears and hopes isn’t solely recent. Sightings like those of our “UFO era” have been common for thousands of years. Emotional reaction forms memory, then with much bias, history. Religion must have incorporated sightings….visions? The event in the very Catholic Portugal of 1917 at Fatima impressed Rome with thousands of witnesses to a light show in the sky. In Latin America there were sightings of the Virgen Mary after the natives had been “helped” to convert. Mexico has always been a hot bed of sightings. They saw the “spotlight” and assigned a meaning to it. Before it was the Serpent Deity in his chariot crossing the sky….after the priests did their work its the Holy Virgen, Later, after a thousand movies about aliens….ta da….its aliens. It is something unknown, that spot light, that large tic-tac, it doesn’t turn into something known and specific just because its difficult for us to hold an empty file. There is a saying, if you eliminate the impossible what you are left with must be the explanation….but, remember it is your limited set of possibilities you choose from, and we know, very very little of what there is to know about, even just Earth…..The rest of the universe?? Our knowledge is a single grain of sand on an infinite beach made from an infinite collection of grains. So, to have our knowledge of what is possible be the complete menu?, a non starter. Emotion overcomes mind. Not knowing “what it is” isn’t neutral, its scary. I doubt there is a comfortable take on this, “not knowing”. Someone suggested we do more to search. Hunt the answers, they said. “How,” I ask?, “where would you look?” But the phenom has its own itinerary. If I could just make some UAP lure….set it out in the field, set up the camera, Camp outside waiting. I’d want to be ready with some product endorsements, like the tic-tac thing. Lots of doughnut shaped craft all swarming above a donut shop. Maybe not…I think I’ll table the UFO lure. Instead I want a video camera pointing at the zenith (straight up). The picture would be the sky thru a fish eye lens. If the aliens aren’t out then meteors and clouds. Contrails too. Time to make a “Cloud Atlas” of my own.

Speaking of clouds, three years ago, in Ecuador, I saw among the clouds something strange. I couldn’t explain it. In Vilcabamba NOT seeing UFO’s is unusual. This is the only time I experienced one of these sightings. There were others who saw stuff all the time. I lounged on the sidewalk dranking beer hearing tales from witnesses to stuff in the sky. I don’t recall making a big deal of my sole sighting. Partly because it wasn’t anything, nothing I could identify. For the time it took me to walk a mile down a country road between cane fields a point of prismatic color sat fixed in the blue sky. There was a thirty percent cover of clouds. The clouds drifted, the point of light didn’t. It was small, a third the diameter of the moon when the moon sits 40 degrees above the horizon. All the colors of the solar spectrum seemed to be there, red, blue, green, yellow. They didn’t change as my perspective shifted moving further down the road. It didn’t leave while I watched it. I just got tired of looking and went into my house. Next time I came out and looked it wasn’t there.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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