Just now UFO/UAV woke?

There is no denying there is no denying post woke

If you are just woke to the UFO/UAV advent, welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. Welcome to the community. You’ll be surprised to find many of your neighbors, like you, rubbing eyes, yawning and stretching, finally awoke to the “phenomena”. You once wondered about them. You saw them on the edge of their well clipped lawns, standing alone or in small groups, looking up at an empty sky. To you it was empty. To the un-woke it was void, black, null and not all that interesting. Things are different now. You and they share mugs of hot coco and together stare into the night. But its been a slow evening. A couple of tic-tac’s and one disk with Blinky lights. Don’t worry, there will be other nights, other sights. your sojourn into the mysteries is just beginning.

Sure, you’re in a hurry. You want to catch up on things. While you were asleep so much has happened. To get you in sync I have a little list of info sources. Read, watch and listen at a comfortable pace…remember, this has been going on for all of human history, longer really, so relax. If your mind is pliable, impressionable and ductile, you should do fine.

They are out there! by Furgus K McCalmer, Saucer Press, 2005. 352 pages, trade paperback. The author doesn’t pull any punches, this tome has it all, it names names and drags the truth kicking and screaming from the closet. Mister McCalmer’s profession as an embalmer’s esthician is apparent in his deft treatment of a difficult subject – cattle mutilation. By page 200 the penny will drop & you’ll understand. By page 300 you’ll be climbing the walls, babbling and drooling. Highly recommended, a good place to start.

There is no rest for the woke

ME? a UAP? by Sam Shamalama, self published down at the copy place. price varies. Mr Shamalama takes you thru the process of building and then operating a vehicle. Pretty exciting to contemplate buzzing Navy Hornets and Tomcats off Va in a vehicle you’ve built yourself! This author’s been there. Yes, that fuzzy electro optical recording released by the DOD is Sam cavorting with the fleet. From the collection of materials you’ll need, to the tools required to construct a craft, its all here. Best of all no license is required since it isn’t an “aircraft”, its a phenom!

Abducted and probed, by Alice Dudoddomi, Publisher’s Depot, $19, spiral bound. The squeamish should steer clear of this book. Ms Dudoddomi’s frank and clinical retelling of her abduction and subsequent residence in a lab near the center of the galaxy is compelling reading. You may never be abducted, but if you were, I can’t imagine a better preparation than having read this book. An appendix, distended, contains diagrams with alien names of body parts. Memorize as much as you can!, should you be selected for probing it is invaluable to know at least a few terms.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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