Et Sunt Ibi OVNI

Bob’s cat Schrödinger can sense multidimensional beings, he’s funny that way

Bob and Schrödinger had developed the habit on these long summer evenings, of sitting at the edge of the field behind the house. Nothing about the field was special. It’s wheat crop circles have long since been harvested. Their nutritious grain goodness fortified with twelve vitamins, minerals (the less expensive ones…no rare earths or trans uranics) long ago consumed as breakfast by eager children. Bob has been known to down a bowl of baked wheat shapes before going to work. Maybe that’s why he and Schrödinger are here every night.

A motorcycle roars past – oblivious the the approaching forms

Shrodinger’s ears twitch. Its not the raucous two stroke engine causing them to do so, its something approaching. Bob closes his eyes and blends with the warm, gentle, breeze wafting across the field. Shrodinger’s eyes fix on a point in the western sky. Like the experienced mouser he is, he’s got the scent and knows they’re close. Bob doesn’t stir. He sits frozen in body while his mind melts, becoming fluid, better to seep across boundaries.

In the next field a lone laborer hurries to complete the day’s quota.

Suddenly they’re overhead, floating 100 feet above Bob and Schrödinger. The cat raises the alarm with a prearranged coded signal…Meow! Thru self hypnosis and sleep learning Bob has trained himself to return to his body and to the dimensions you and I take for granted at his cat’s que. He shakes his head a couple of times, regaining a little clarity. He then follows Schrödinger’s gaze to the lights above. Its a couple of saucers with the rotating lights. Bob reaches down. At his feet, his rucksack and in it The DOD field guide to UAP. He leaf’s thru the outlines until he comes to the saucer section. Hmmmmm he ponders, could this be the UAP he needs? A type 6A saucer will complete the requirements for level two and its coveted purple badge. If the lights are blinking red,red,yelow,blue,green and repeating that pattern its a rare type 6A. He studies the lights above….It is!, excitedly he checks a box on the score card. A smile comes to his lips…tonight he’ll be sewing that patch on his jacket!

Bob’s old school common law Dutch wife and Shrodinger’s God mother, worries

Bob’s Dutch wife, native of Antwerp, a city in a low country, worries. Worries as much about Shrodinger as about her UAP obsessed husband. Does Schrödinger understand the cosmic forces he is dealing with? Who knows what a cat thinks. Who knows what Bob’s thinking when he’s off in La La land. She takes some assurance in knowing that as a team Bob and this special cat are more than the sum of their parts…whatever that means. Maybe it’s enough. They’re still not back. she knows they won’t be as long as a single blinky light dances above the field. Dinner was cold an hour ago, everything except the dessert, ice cream, it was warm an hour ago. Through the kitchen window she spies the saucer. She knows very well its a type 6A and consequently Bob will prick himself again tonight sewing the badge on the breast of his UAP patrol jacket.

In the suburbs they scoffed at the idea

You’ll have a tough sell if you want the Smith’s to buy any part of the Phenom thing. Grounded in reality and faith the couple ignore it all. The city on the edge of the great forest, at the base of the mountains, sleeps. As it’s citizens snore and exhibit REM under Eder down, lights pulse above. It’s red, red, yellow, blue, green but nobody sees this. They are in dream land.

Go back to bed Fred, its one of them damn autonomous drones

to be continued…or not…..

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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