A bunch of new graphics

My sister and daughter inspired this

This very human reaction to the firehose of information, bad mostly, is normal. In fact it is natural beyond just our species. In the Electric Power industry its called “load shedding”.

Maybe it was better to die of the plague six hundred years ago. they didn’t have 24/7 news to up the pain

Actionable information. That’s what we need. If we can’t do anything to reduce the trauma with the info that induces the trauma….and one isn’t a masochist….enuf is more than enuf

An excessive ratio of rich to poor is a sign of a sick society

I do have trouble being absolute on this. On the one hand they worked the system to get that money. On the other if half their money went for medical care for all and for hospitals and the like – they’d still be rich.

This was inspired by the mega yachts being lured to Rockland Maine

Rockland was a working harbor. Still is to some extent. But, like other ports in touristy states, it feels the need to attract the rich. The idea is that their crumbs might help feed the locals. It’s been like that on the Maine coast for a hundred years with the rich from away and their summer mansions.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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