The Dutch Wife (et al)

The medfly solution used in California comes to mind

On the long voyages to and from the Spice Islands Dutch sailors would cuddle with sewn and stuffed “dolls”. On arrival they’d trade STD’s with the locals, load the ship with spice, and head back. They might have had a seamstress in port overhaul their fabric sweetie for the return trip. Nowadays the Dutch wife is a rubber maid. Full size and damn heavy, they say, but with anatomical proportions undreamed of by those lonely salty sons of Nederland.

This is an experiment in direct to audio. It makes oblique references to some of the graphic but don’t try too hard to make sense of it

The young person with the paint might be my homage to the “Yellow Kid” a very early newspaper cartoon

Santa gives more expensive gifts to the families of the wealthy. why is that?

If you got it then flaunt it I say

In keeping with their personal philosophy I am willing to entertain offers of cash to stop riding this “Tax The Rich” hobby horse. Anyway, its just me kissing up to that hot Latina from NYC.

I must have been really zonked when I did this

This graphic is on the same old theme. The style, if it could be called a style, might appeal to some. Anyway, it’s all “grist for the mill”….something they said two hundred years ago. God I’m old. Thanks for asking…..seventy six and counting.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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