Impossibility of not thinking of the impossible…difficult to contemplate

Are there any “small” nukes? We may find out

I have nothing against mushrooms. Clouds of mushroom spores are also OK, outside, but clouds of irrigated dust from a 1500 foot airburst, no thanks.

I swore to the imaginary shrink that I would find more constructive things to focus my mind on. Yes! for example, this new tablet. A Huion 24 inch 4k. I like it. I started out with the Wacom One, a good tablet to start with….but, small. Icons the size of flee bikinis. This is like a drawing board. The stylus and surface are such that I can sketch as I do on paper. Not the same but really close. I also got their KD100 which helps a lot though I’ve just accepted the defaults for now. It’s a keypad with a dial, all programmable.

This moment is like the virus two years back all over again. Oh Ma God, we’re all gonna die. A lot of us did I guess….but I managed to arrive at the here and now. So imagine my shock to find I was just as subject to the whims of fate now as I was then! Shouldn’t fate be biased in my favor? what did I ever do to fate?

Oh, I’ve been suppressing this, its just so nasty. But, maybe better to face the music and look at it. I direct your memory or web search to the German Wings co pilot who locked the pilot in the john and flew the plane into the side of a mountain. The mountain where he first learned to fly in gliders. A symbolic suicide murder. He invited 150 others to join him. Well, just recast the role with Putin as co pilot. Absolute authority to launch. The murder suicide thing isn’t uncommon. The passengers in this analogy, who are flying into a mountain are you, me, and maybe 50 million others. I told you this was a nasty thought…but when one man has that power….the wrong man. Like I said kiss your ass goodbye.

They thought they were going home. They were going home. We are all headed home.

Strange how one war overlaps another. I was four years in Germany in the US Air Force. I worked on the instruments on the big transport aircraft. The base I worked at was outside of Frankfurt am Main (not to be confused with Frankfurt am Oder) Not far away was a huge base called Ramstein. It’s been in the news in connection with the war in Ukraine. NATO member Poland proposed a way to get two dozen Russian built fighters into the hands of the Ukrainians. They offered to fly the fighters to Ramstein. This if the USA would “back fill” their Air Force with F-16 replacements. The MIG-29, NATO reporting name, “Fulcrum”, would be useful against the aggressor. DOD is being buffeted by the political winds demanding “something” be done. The MIG is a good candidate because the Ukrainians are familiar with it. These fighters are not like passenger cars – drive one and you’ll know how to drive another in a few seconds. The DOD said the proposal was non tenable, a non starter, impractical. It is. The ground support element is critical and not simple. Where would you get the weapons?, the rockets, missiles, bombs? The brilliant Russian Army has made a shooting gallery of its armor and supply column outside Kiev but, even sitting ducks need a bullet each. As one of the many generals interviewed on media said, the anti-tank and anti-aircraft shoulder fired weapons are what is needed.

This aircraft unfortunately isn’t going to help Ukraine much in the present situation

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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