Rainy day and windy too

The mice where I live have runways and the Eagles sharp eyes

I thought someone might be banging on the door. It was the wind. The wind lifting and dropping the show shovel hanging there. Hung by a cord. A handle, a lanyard. The shovel didn’t come with a lanyard – I added it. Shoveling snow must send lots of people to the chiropractor. It sent me. With the lanyard I can stand straight and use my left arm, to fling the snow away. Its called mechanical advantage, leverage. The modification helped. The other pains these days don’t seem to have fixes close to hand. Not my hand. No lanyard to yank collective behavior toward common sense. Greased by human nature we slide toward the greasy abyss. Hey, Isn’t an Abyss the head of an Abby? A religious community where they make wine or jelly and meditate several hours a day. No, they spell it Abbess. Do they meditate or do they pray? No, its raptors that prey. Our pond has raptors hundreds of feet above it . They prey on the mice running on mouse runways. Yes rodents have runways. No aircraft but lots of runways. Runways through the weeds or under the crusted snow. Invisible runways. Our raptors are a pair of eagles. Their territory is the air for a couple of miles around the pond. They fish the pond in the seasons it’s ice free. In winter they still patrol the sky but they don’t see fish. They see snowmobile trails. They watch hot blooded youth enjoying the cold, crashing into drifts, getting numb. I remember that. It wasn’t a big deal to stay out all day in my youth in Colorado. Or snowshoe or ski across the cold whiteness of winter. Its interesting that a painter uses blue to show the shadows in snow drifts. A body of water, liquid water, reflects the sky. Also blue. Feeling blue, ya me too. The sky is blue for some reason having to do with optical physics and chemistry. Or maybe its “FM”. You know FM, fricken magic. FM is the reason for everything really. Science just explains in other terms. Gives grad students something to do. For me its time to sketch something for the top of this post.

This is what the 900 lb. gorilla in the room looks’ like

Elon Musk wants volunteers for a trip to Mars. He has said that humanity is doomed by not having another home, another planet. The practicality of him sending his new space ship to the red planet can be questioned. This in spite of his candor in saying people will not survive. There will be no plan to return anyone. The trip is so much effort that turning around to come back to Earth makes little sense. I think Musk would want to go to Mars regardless of the situation here on Earth, but….he has said the risk of humans making the Earth toxic to humanity is by itself a good reason. Starts to look like some early science fiction where a few of us escape to another world as this one gets toasted. But the best fire prevention is keeping the fire from starting. Easier said than done in the case of total war on Earth. So rockets to Mars will save us? Rocks were one of Man’s first missiles. They were ballistic and deadly when the windage was accounted for. If rockets loaded with colonists are to be our salvation it will be because rockets with warheads were our demise. Our only hope is peace. Going to Mars will not save us. Survival isn’t rocket science – It is the science of peace.

I hope that when the colonists arrive they are searched for nukes. Maybe by then paper passports and ink stamps will be history too

There is good news. The good news needs attention to keep balance. “Ice Out” we call it here in Maine. Ice out is when the crust of ice on the lakes and ponds melts. The cracks and wet spots on the frosted surface of our pond bodes well. History suggests we are still three weeks from local ice out but climate is changing so….maybe a little earlier. Astronomical spring is a week away. My way to mark the start of functional, enjoyable spring, is to take the motorcycle out. Yes only a woos waits for warmish weather to wide. To ride. Thoughts of a trip into Atlantic Canada on the motorcycle have entered my head. Might be on the bucket list. Going over the new bridge would be cool. I would want a camera mounted on the Yamaha to record everything.

That is of course, if I’m still here in the summer.

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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