Beetle on a bottle!

Under the category of, stuff I’d never think of in a million years…

The Blue Yeti hangs from the ceiling and captures my human like vocalizations

My time capsule of tid-bits for the future to ponder is nearly full. Just room enough for a couple more headlines. Lets see, “Government votes funds to increase supply of baby formula”. No, not the procedure for making babies. The formula for feeding them in ways nature didn’t intend. The government has had to step in. At the risk of revealing my naivety, how did human babies survive before? Ooops, I see a trip-wire and mine field around this question, better step back.  With that the capsule is nearly full.  When opened a thousand years hence people will marvel at our moment in history. I hope there’s room for this week’s UFO news. Or more accurately, the latest in non-news. The news is that we still don’t know what those things are. Washington, our seat of government, where baby formula and flying saucers meet, had another UFO hearing. Its been fifty years since the last one. Let me go out on a limb and predict. In another 50 years, another congress will hold another hearing to expose the truth about UFO’s. Drum roll please….and they’ll announce “we don’t know what they are”. Lest the people opening the capsule in 3022 BCE think it’s boring here in 2022 we’ve informed them of the Australian beetles who are attracted to beer bottles. Sexually attracted. The beetle is the “Jewel” beetle. The object of the Jewel beetle’s lust is an empty bottle of “Emu Export”. Seems the bottle’s color and dimpled glass get this little guy excited. The outback’s road sides are strewn with discarded bottles. The bottles are often covered with frustrated beetles. The bottler, in a rare gesture to conservation, has altered the bottles. The change worked and the female beetles are happy, I guess. Not the first time a male has left his mate for the bottle. I’m not going to put anything in the capsule about the war in Ukraine. If it goes, you know, “unthinkable” the future will not need to learn that from us. They’ll still be cleaning up. Our time capsule is full so screw on the cap and put it in the hole. I’m tempted to climb in after it. 

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Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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