The Flat Earth is the Truth

The simple logic of the Flat Earth argument has swayed me & made me a convert

And what more could a simple creature want in terms of an existence myth. Even on the edge of self snuffing we need a simple explanation for why and where we are. That the Earth is a sphere with a paunch around the equator is less than satisfactory. That its a circular plate makes much more sense. How can gravity pull in all directions to hold onto the water in the seas and oceans? It defies common sense. The water, duh, sits on it like on a dish. The southern hemisphere, that is the underside of the plate, has hitherto been a problem for Flat Earth Geometricians – but no longer. Two leading groups, one up on top, in the UK and the other down under in Oz, have demonstrated the veracity of the one plate, two hemisphere view. By the fortuitous luck and blessing of magical thinking the presidents of the respective groups, The London Flat Earth Institute and the Royal Australian Flat Earth Society, have made contact. The pure luck was that their back yards were each others antipode. Antipodal means on the opposite side of the Earth. With just a little effort each man dug down a few feet, the man in England, near his garden’s flower bed. His counterpart in Australia made a hole in his potato patch. At three feet there suddenly appeared sky at the bottom of each hole. “Haaaaay” came the call, “you there mate?”. They had broken thru and put pay to the idea that it takes twenty hours to get from Old Blighty to the land of Oz. When the local media was handed the press release they ask, “well, did you go thru the hole and visit the antipode? No, we didn’t. Couple of reasons. The Covid card and expired passports. Plus it was getting late. The holes were backfilled, new flowers and potatoes planted. I don’t think the world is ready for the truth.

Published by glensketch

Retired from electronics industry. Ex USN ex USAF ex expat in Ecuador.

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