Corona’s Rorschach Test

There are signs that this bla feeling is passing. Not because the situation is less bla (for want of another “word”) More for it’s having been resident a couple of months. We get used to anything eventually. That’s not the same as getting to like it. Really, it gets old….familiar. Being locked down. Seeing deathContinue reading “Corona’s Rorschach Test”

The unacceptable answer

The White House reacted to Doctor Fauci’s testimony to congress by saying his answer was “not acceptable”. That’s a little glimpse into the mind of our head of state. Not acceptable. I agree. Reality is not acceptable anymore either. It follows then that accurate scientific observation regarding reality is also, not acceptable. Dr Fauci’s statementContinue reading “The unacceptable answer”

Social Media Iconoclast

Iconoclast: A person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions. There is something incidious about all of this. The images that spring to my mind are of the Sourcerer’s Apprentice or a squirrel on an exercise wheel. Micky in that Disney classic uses his master’s magic to help with a chore. The magic gets out ofContinue reading “Social Media Iconoclast”

Isolated in a WW2 submarine

Outside its trying to snow. Trying because the air is too warm, Snow flakes are not landing. Suits me. I’m inside and snug, inside a submarine in the western Pacific. We’re on war patrol – its 1943. Binge watching a 1950’s TV series called, “The Silent Service”. Having YouTube play one episode after another withoutContinue reading “Isolated in a WW2 submarine”

Flying away from all this

My doctor wants me to go to the hospital. Tests on my heart. I haven’t been anywhere for nearly two months. The hospital!, That’s the last place I want to go. But the local hospital hasn’t been hit bad with CV patients. So I guess I’ll go. I’ve been assured they’ve made it safe. MyContinue reading “Flying away from all this”

A use for old sketch books

Under the menue entry, “sketch” you will find page after page of semi random drawings, studies of photos, mostly. The photos in newspapers or magazines. The text is from my head, only sometimes influenced by the context or caption associated with the photo I draw from. The thoughts are those things I was concerned withContinue reading “A use for old sketch books”

deferring to the future

I’m not now feeling as flippant as I did yesterday. Not too depressed, but depressed all the same. Before when I felt like this I would take a ride. Therapeutic motorcycling. The car works too, but not as well. With every day getting warmer it’ll be a struggle to wait til the 15th. That’s the anniversaryContinue reading “deferring to the future”