The Dutch Wife (et al)

On the long voyages to and from the Spice Islands Dutch sailors would cuddle with sewn and stuffed “dolls”. On arrival they’d trade STD’s with the locals, load the ship with spice, and head back. They might have had a seamstress in port overhaul their fabric sweetie for the return trip. Nowadays the Dutch wifeContinue reading “The Dutch Wife (et al)”

And still more new graphics

Not sure what the message is. Sure, tax the rich, but maybe also the puzzle of getting at their well hidden stashes. In the case of Russian Oligarchs recently in the news, take ALL of the money. Hey, that works too. Lets goad Bill Gates into invading some country. Nah, His column of heavy armorContinue reading “And still more new graphics”

A bunch of new graphics

This very human reaction to the firehose of information, bad mostly, is normal. In fact it is natural beyond just our species. In the Electric Power industry its called “load shedding”. Actionable information. That’s what we need. If we can’t do anything to reduce the trauma with the info that induces the trauma….and one isn’tContinue reading “A bunch of new graphics”

Every Bully needs a nuke

What’s worse than being beaten senseless by a big bully? Watching the beating, weapon in hand but doing nothing to stop it. Well, nearly nothing. Nothing useful. Nothing that will save the victim. It’s like being “pistol whipped”. Come to the victim’s aid and you’ll be shot dead. Today’s bully needs to have nuclear weaponsContinue reading “Every Bully needs a nuke”

et adhuc ebi sunt OVNI

Every epoch, every age has its ticks, its quirks. The Victorian age had sightings too. Things in the sky seen by reputable witnesses. Things beyond the kin of scientists who called Victoria their sovereign. Sightings continued into the reign of the Queen’s son, Edward. In a London gentlemen’s club an official in the Ministry ofContinue reading “et adhuc ebi sunt OVNI”

Et Sunt Ibi OVNI

Bob and Schrödinger had developed the habit on these long summer evenings, of sitting at the edge of the field behind the house. Nothing about the field was special. It’s wheat crop circles have long since been harvested. Their nutritious grain goodness fortified with twelve vitamins, minerals (the less expensive ones…no rare earths or transContinue reading “Et Sunt Ibi OVNI”

Just now UFO/UAV woke?

If you are just woke to the UFO/UAV advent, welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. Welcome to the community. You’ll be surprised to find many of your neighbors, like you, rubbing eyes, yawning and stretching, finally awoke to the “phenomena”. You once wondered about them. You saw them on the edge of their well clippedContinue reading “Just now UFO/UAV woke?”