A Blue Yeti hangs from my ceiling

The missing Yeti, a blue Yeti, this one black, hangs patiently from the ceiling listening to my rants and monologs. It was missing for a couple of weeks while the seller scrambled to get a second example. The first went astray. USA seller apparently means just that. It doesn’t mean items are shipped from stockContinue reading “A Blue Yeti hangs from my ceiling”

Kill Devil Hill, Mars

Mars was 62 million miles from Earth on the 19th of April. That morning a small helicopter rose nine feet and hovered for half a minute above Jezero Crater. The little flying machine looked out over a river delta, dry for a billion years. The helicopter was christened “ingenuity” by it’s creators. Custom made toContinue reading “Kill Devil Hill, Mars”

An Auto Obit

Its a rare opportunity when we can write our own obituary. Its once in a lifetime. Birth announcements precede births. These days the birth announcements include ultrasound sex reveals. Death announcements, aside from executions, are less common. Possibly because we habitually put off the idea of death, denying its inevitability. A couple of days agoContinue reading “An Auto Obit”

Corona Virus Blues

I got dem covid bluesfrom my runny nosedown to my blue toed shoes covid blues, can’t seemto loose dem covid blues(repeating refrain) can’t taste can’t smellgonna die but what the hell (refrain) Got the sanitizer got the maskBut the UK strain is surging fast (refrain) Pfizer Moderna and J and Jget the jabs then prayContinue reading “Corona Virus Blues”

Waiting for my Blue Yeti

I have updated my previous post “Leaving Earth 4” by adding the author’s reading of it In this web presence, WordPress and my interest in graphics, creative writing and voice, ie classic radio drama, I wonder what format I should settle on. Nothing too Freudian about the title, Escaping Earth. In quiet times millions ofContinue reading “Waiting for my Blue Yeti”