Corona Virus Blues

I got dem covid bluesfrom my runny nosedown to my blue toed shoes covid blues, can’t seemto loose dem covid blues(repeating refrain) can’t taste can’t smellgonna die but what the hell (refrain) Got the sanitizer got the maskBut the UK strain is surging fast (refrain) Pfizer Moderna and J and Jget the jabs then prayContinue reading “Corona Virus Blues”

Waiting for my Blue Yeti

I have updated my previous post “Leaving Earth 4” by adding the author’s reading of it In this web presence, WordPress and my interest in graphics, creative writing and voice, ie classic radio drama, I wonder what format I should settle on. Nothing too Freudian about the title, Escaping Earth. In quiet times millions ofContinue reading “Waiting for my Blue Yeti”

Escaping Earth part 2

If you remember part one of this story you’ll know my daughter thinks I am loosing it mentally. She is afraid I am becoming addled, weak minded, of diminished cognitive ability. One beer short of a six pack and less than the sharpest knife in the drawer. I’m sure it will happen, in degree, butContinue reading “Escaping Earth part 2”

Escape from Earth

Escaping Earth (my daughter’s contribution) My dads crazy. Off on a tangent, something he inflicted on himself. He reached a tipping point with the lockdown and politics and decided to stop dealing with it. Something snapped. He called one day and said he was building a spaceship and leaving Earth. My dad – building aContinue reading “Escape from Earth”

Tablet? What tablet?

They are talking to me, those cartoon characters. They know what’s going on in my head…that’s where they come from. They raise themselves up and leap landing on paper, or these days, tablet. Stream of unconsciousness or something. Some sort of escape for them and a relief for me. The thoughts are gone and goodContinue reading “Tablet? What tablet?”

The Ministry of Truth

The Stalinist government of the USSR would signal who was in and out of favor with the politburo with a photo of officials reviewing the May Day parade. If someone was out of favor they didn’t just clean out their desk and leave the building under escort. More likely they just ceased to exist. TheContinue reading “The Ministry of Truth”