Not for love, or money…for a beer?

The incentives keep rolling out. In one state get the jab, (the shot of vaccine) and win a gun. In other states do the right thing, (roll up your sleeve) and win a million $$. I guess then you buy a gun. Now with the biggest brewer in the nation joining in, vaccinate and inebriateContinue reading “Not for love, or money…for a beer?”

Corona Virus Blues

I got dem covid bluesfrom my runny nosedown to my blue toed shoes covid blues, can’t seemto loose dem covid blues(repeating refrain) can’t taste can’t smellgonna die but what the hell (refrain) Got the sanitizer got the maskBut the UK strain is surging fast (refrain) Pfizer Moderna and J and Jget the jabs then prayContinue reading “Corona Virus Blues”