Just now UFO/UAV woke?

If you are just woke to the UFO/UAV advent, welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. Welcome to the community. You’ll be surprised to find many of your neighbors, like you, rubbing eyes, yawning and stretching, finally awoke to the “phenomena”. You once wondered about them. You saw them on the edge of their well clippedContinue reading “Just now UFO/UAV woke?”

Kill Devil Hill, Mars

Mars was 62 million miles from Earth on the 19th of April. That morning a small helicopter rose nine feet and hovered for half a minute above Jezero Crater. The little flying machine looked out over a river delta, dry for a billion years. The helicopter was christened “ingenuity” by it’s creators. Custom made toContinue reading “Kill Devil Hill, Mars”

Escaping Earth part 2

If you remember part one of this story you’ll know my daughter thinks I am loosing it mentally. She is afraid I am becoming addled, weak minded, of diminished cognitive ability. One beer short of a six pack and less than the sharpest knife in the drawer. I’m sure it will happen, in degree, butContinue reading “Escaping Earth part 2”

Escape from Earth

Escaping Earth (my daughter’s contribution) My dads crazy. Off on a tangent, something he inflicted on himself. He reached a tipping point with the lockdown and politics and decided to stop dealing with it. Something snapped. He called one day and said he was building a spaceship and leaving Earth. My dad – building aContinue reading “Escape from Earth”

Gringos escape Earth

I’m having a deja vu! Its 1967 again. There are riots in dozens of large cities and men are leaving Florida for space. I don’t remember a virus lock down back then. History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes. Yesterday two men managed to escape this crazy scene. I watched the replay. I saw them onContinue reading “Gringos escape Earth”