et adhuc ebi sunt OVNI

Every epoch, every age has its ticks, its quirks. The Victorian age had sightings too. Things in the sky seen by reputable witnesses. Things beyond the kin of scientists who called Victoria their sovereign. Sightings continued into the reign of the Queen’s son, Edward. In a London gentlemen’s club an official in the Ministry ofContinue reading “et adhuc ebi sunt OVNI”

Et Sunt Ibi OVNI

Bob and Schrödinger had developed the habit on these long summer evenings, of sitting at the edge of the field behind the house. Nothing about the field was special. It’s wheat crop circles have long since been harvested. Their nutritious grain goodness fortified with twelve vitamins, minerals (the less expensive ones…no rare earths or transContinue reading “Et Sunt Ibi OVNI”

Just now UFO/UAV woke?

If you are just woke to the UFO/UAV advent, welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. Welcome to the community. You’ll be surprised to find many of your neighbors, like you, rubbing eyes, yawning and stretching, finally awoke to the “phenomena”. You once wondered about them. You saw them on the edge of their well clippedContinue reading “Just now UFO/UAV woke?”

UFO or UAP its really all the same to me

The unidentified things in the sky phenomena is like a very bright spotlight. What is being illuminated is human nature via humanity’s reaction to that spot light. That is, we know nothing about the source of the light. We can measure the light in a few ways but never (that I know of) have weContinue reading “UFO or UAP its really all the same to me”

You say OVNI, I say UFO DOD say UAP

The anachronisms abound here. In Spanish it is OVNI for “objectivos vuela no identificar” which is in English Unidentified flying objects. But UFO like other terms in hot usage evolve and UFO as a term has too much Hollywood baggage. Or so thought the US Department of Defense, the DOD. They rebranded the steer namedContinue reading “You say OVNI, I say UFO DOD say UAP”