I have tossed most of the thousands of drawings but some survive in spiral bound books

One thing I liked about Ecuador in the ten years I wintered there was the inexpensive drawing paper. 100 sheets of fairly heavy paper suitable for ink or graphite in a spiral book for about about $2.50. School supplies prices were kept low somehow. So over those years as I sat in the various watering holes nursing a beer I sketched. Most of this was done in the summers which were spent in Maine. I am thinking as I draw from photos in the NYT (mostly) which I have been addicted to for about half a century. In those northern summers, which in Ecuador were winters (but only by about 4 degrees of latitude) I couldn’t buy the paper. Drawing every day is a useful habit as well as therapeutic. Knocking out twenty sketches for a paying project doesn’t take much time. But I would be drawing anyway, I have always enjoyed it.

A page from one of my sketch books. Random thoughts turn to drawings
Some are musings about stories I was writing at the time

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